Our mission: Providing no fuss, low cost, high-speed internet for your visit to Israel

Smartphones are part and parcel of our modern daily lives, and being without one is inconceivable. However, when traveling abroad you often find yourself baffled when trying to find the best data plans and prepaid SIMs – and using your own SIM probably means you’ll be facing a hefty bill once back home.

We take care of that for you – after all, there are other things you need to focus on. So sit back and have a good time on us.

Offering the best in data packages and call plans, and ensuring that you avoid expensive data-roaming charges – SimVisit is the perfect communication solution for your visit to Israel.

As experienced travelers ourselves, we know that as soon as you land in a new country, you’ll be searching for all types of information: How do I get to my hotel? How much is the taxi fare? When’s the next train to the city? What’s the best exchange rate, and should I exchange money at the airport or somewhere else?

Having internet access at your fingertips from the moment the wheels touch down can make all the difference!

In our own travels, we typically buy local, prepaid SIM cards to avoid data-roaming charges. However,  we often find that the prepaid plans aren’t totally suited for our needs, and vendors aren’t always easy to find.

Now you can avoid expensive data-roaming charges and keep your smartphone with you. Searching for information and sharing your travel experiences with loved ones is now easy and inexpensive thanks to SimVisit.

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