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1.Select a plan and shipping address

2.We Deliver to your home or hotel
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3.Arrive in Israel and insert SimVisit into your phone
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4.Enjoy high speed Internet

How it works

Pay only once – no hidden fees- and avoid expensive data-roaming charges. SimVisit is a no-surprises SIM card that will be a handy companion for your travels to Israel.


When you purchase this service, SimVisit sends you a preactivated SIM card so once you land in Israel, you’ll have internet access in the palm of your hand. Simply select the plan that suits your needs and choose your SIM card size. SimVisit will send the preloaded SIM card to your location anywhere in the world, including your hotel in Israel. When you arrive in Israel, simply place the SimVisit into your unlocked smartphone and you’ll be ready to begin your visit! While in Israel you’ll have a local cell phone number and internet access, so you can remain connected and informed.

Use SimVisit to navigate the streets and highways of Israel, search for local attractions and restaurants, use the public transportation system and share your experiences with friends, family and followers on social media.

How to insert SimVisit

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